The Wine Villages of Cyprus

Cyprus Wines

The Wine Villages of Cyprus

Cyprus, bathed in Mediterranean sunlight, boasts a rich viticulture heritage. The island’s mountainous regions cradle the wine villages of Cyprus, each offering a unique blend of tradition, culture, and exceptional wine-making practices. These charming villages, with their distinct characters and historical significance, showcase the island’s enduring passion for wine.

Commandaria: The Wine of Kings

Commandaria, the world’s oldest named wine, hails from the sunlit slopes of the Troodos Mountains. The village of Kourion plays a pivotal role in its production. Locals meticulously harvest Mavro and Xynisteri grapes, drying them under the Mediterranean sun before fermentation. This ancient method imparts a rich, sweet flavor to the wine, celebrated by kings and commoners alike since Richard the Lionheart’s era.

Cyprus Famous Wine Commandaria

Omodos: The Heart of Cypriot Wine

Omodos, often dubbed the heart of Cypriot wine-making, offers more than just exquisite wines. Cobblestone streets wind through the village, leading to family-run wineries and traditional tavernas. Here, the aroma of fermenting grapes mingles with the scent of local cuisine. The Linos Wine Museum in Omodos provides a fascinating glimpse into traditional tools and methods used by past generations, preserving the rich history of Cypriot viticulture.

Koilani: A Symphony of Flavours

In the picturesque village of Koilani, wine enthusiasts can explore a rich tapestry of flavours. The village specializes in a variety of wines, from robust reds to delicate whites. Annual wine festivals draw visitors eager to sample local produce and engage with vintners who passionately share their craft. Vineyards stretch across the landscape, creating a symphony of green and gold against the backdrop of the Troodos Mountains.

Arsos: A Hidden Gem

Arsos, a lesser-known gem among the wine villages, offers a tranquil escape for those seeking authenticity. Stone-built houses and narrow alleys give Arsos a timeless charm. The villagers, proud of their wine-making heritage, warmly welcome visitors to their wineries. Here, one can savour rich, full-bodied wines while enjoying panoramic views of rolling vineyards and distant mountains.

Lefkara: Lace and Wine

Lefkara, famous for its intricate lacework, also harbors a deep-rooted wine-making tradition. The village seamlessly blends two ancient crafts, creating a unique cultural experience. Visitors can explore local wineries and witness the meticulous process of lace-making. This dual heritage makes Lefkara a fascinating destination, where art and viticulture intertwine harmoniously.

Vouni Panagias: Elevation and Excellence

Vouni Panagias, perched at a higher elevation, benefits from a unique microclimate ideal for grape cultivation. The cool mountain air and fertile soil yield exceptional wines, particularly the indigenous Maratheftiko and Spourtiko varieties. Wineries in Vouni Panagias prioritize quality over quantity, resulting in premium wines that capture the essence of Cypriot terroir.

Pelendri: A Blend of History and Wine

Pelendri, rich in history, also offers a vibrant wine culture. The village houses several wineries known for producing Commandaria and other fine wines. Visitors can explore the medieval Timios Stavros Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site, before enjoying a wine tasting at a local winery. This blend of history and wine-making creates a captivating experience.

Vasa: Tradition and Innovation

Vasa, a village where tradition meets innovation, stands out for its dynamic approach to wine-making. The village’s wineries experiment with both indigenous and international grape varieties, producing a diverse range of wines. Annual festivals celebrate this innovative spirit, drawing wine enthusiasts from around the world to sample Vasa’s unique offerings.

Pachna: Modern Meets Tradition

Pachna stands out for its innovative blend of modern wine-making techniques and traditional practices. Vintners in Pachna experiment with new grape varieties and fermentation methods, producing wines that push the boundaries of conventional Cypriot wine-making. Despite this modern approach, the village maintains a strong connection to its roots, honouring time-tested methods passed down through generations.

Anogyra: Carob and Vines

In Anogyra, the sweet scent of carob trees mingles with the aroma of fermenting grapes. This village, known for its carob-based products, also excels in wine production. Local wineries offer tours that highlight the synergy between carob cultivation and viticulture, providing a unique tasting experience that showcases the versatility of Cypriot agriculture.

Agios Amvrosios: A Taste of Authenticity

Agios Amvrosios stands as a beacon of authenticity among the wine villages of Cyprus. The village’s narrow streets, lined with traditional stone houses, lead visitors to family-run wineries that produce some of the finest wines on the island. Locals here embrace age-old wine-making techniques, ensuring that each bottle reflects the rich history and culture of the region. Visitors often find themselves immersed in stories of the past, shared over a glass of robust red or a crisp white wine.

Laneia: Art and Wine

Laneia, a village that marries art and wine, offers a unique experience for visitors. The village boasts several art galleries and studios, where local artists display their work. This artistic flair extends to the wine-making practices in Laneia, where vintners approach their craft with a creative touch. The result is a collection of wines that not only please the palate but also tell a story of passion and dedication. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings while exploring the vibrant art scene, making Laneia a cultural haven.

Kathikas: A Blend of Old and New

Kathikas, situated in the Paphos region, presents a blend of old and new in its wine-making practices. The village’s vineyards produce a variety of grapes, including the indigenous Xynisteri and Maratheftiko. Wineries in Kathikas often combine traditional methods with modern technology to create wines that stand out in both flavor and quality. The village also offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside, providing a picturesque backdrop for wine tastings and vineyard tours.


The wine villages of Cyprus, with their blend of tradition and innovation, offer a captivating journey through the island’s viticulture landscape. Each village, with its unique charm and distinct wines, invites visitors to explore the rich heritage and vibrant culture that define Cypriot wine-making. Whether savouring a glass of Commandaria in Kourion, exploring the cobblestone streets of Omodos, or enjoying the artistic ambiance of Laneia, one experiences the timeless allure of Cyprus, a land where wine and history flow as freely as the Mediterranean breeze.

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