Panagia Pyrgotissa

Pyrgos Church

A Historic Church

Panagia Pyrgotissa is a historic church located in the village of Pyrgos Limassol in Cyprus. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and it is a significant religious and cultural landmark in the area. The church is located at the entrance of the village and it began to be built around 1886 with solid foundations, three meters deep underground.

Built by 40 Volunteers

The church was built by volunteers, forty of them who worked without pay, with the only remuneration being one meal a day, which was also offered by women from the village. They carried the stones from morning till night, from “petrrovouni”, the opposite mountain west of the village. This was done sometimes by hand and sometimes by donkeys, so as to complete the vow to Panagia Pyrgotissa.

Panagia Pyrgotissa

The Architecture of the Church

The exterior of the church is made of local stone, giving it a rustic and traditional appearance and decorated with various designs of representations of angels. The church was completed in 1902 in the architectural form of a single-aisle basilica and has a capacity of 200 people. The interior of the church is covered with various icons of Saint Spyridon, Nicholas, Theodore, Antonios, Iakovos, and the Domitian of the Virgin Mary.  The altar is separated by a wooden iconostasis from the main church, with wooden stools for the faithful. In 1949, at the expense of the villagers, the women’s loft of the church was renovated, amphitheatrically, with a delightful view, so that women could attend the divine service.

A place of Worship for the Local Community

The church is also home to a number of valuable religious artefacts, including ancient icons, religious relics, and liturgical vessels. These items are a testament to the long history of the church and its importance as a place of worship for the local community. Panagia Pyrgotissa is not only a place of religious significance, but also a cultural and historical treasure. The church has been a focal point for the village of Pyrgos for centuries, and it continues to be a centre of community life today.

Panagia Pyrgotissa Icon

Celebrated on The 15th of August

Every year, on the 15th of August, the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the church hosts a grand celebration that attracts visitors from all over Cyprus. The festival includes religious services, traditional music and dance performances, and a lively street fair with local food and crafts. The church of Panagia Pyrgotissa is also a popular destination for tourists who are interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus.


In conclusion, the church of Panagia Pyrgotissa is a cherished landmark in Cyprus, with a rich history and a vibrant cultural significance. Its beautiful architecture, religious art, and annual festival make it a must-see destination for anyone interested in exploring the cultural heritage of the island.

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